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Life Today

Most of our lives center around our work with Emmaus Ministries (“Stories from the Streets”), andi and i gigs, and involvement with Living Water Community Church, where we are members. (We both help facilitate worship every 4-5 weeks, and Al leads the worship band.) In addition, Andi gives piano lessons, and Al teaches guitar. Al also occasionally accompanies with Andy Young, our friend who plays mostly Irish and traditional music. And both of us are indentured servants to our beautiful, quirky cat, Sydney. We’ll email you a picture of her if you want.

All of that boils down to this, which we are prone to gleefully yell: We’re musicians with medical insurance!


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Andi’s pre-Al days
Al’s pre-Andi days
They meet (just like in Pac-Man!)
Early music together
andi and i days
Life today

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