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They meet

Andiís side of the story:

I donít want to weave a romantic tale here, but the first time Al saw me, i was on stage, singing . . . and he didnít think much of it at the time, frankly. It was the fall of 1985, Al was a freshman in college, and i was a sophomore. (Yeah, do the math Ė weíre that old.) We were both involved in the same Christian fellowship group on campus, and became fast friends, but we werenít attracted to one another. I think i wasnít Alís type, and, you know, Al was lots of fun, but not dating material.

After about two years of friendship, love started peeking around the doorway, hinting that sheíd been tapping her foot in the next room for a while. Al and i were married in 1989, two weeks after he finished school. The campus minister of our fellowship group, Dave Russell, did our pre-marital counseling and performed the ceremony at our campus chapel. It was the happiest day of my life Ė the day i married my best friend.

Alís side of the story:

Itís true. Andi was singing the first time i laid eyes on her, and neither of us was attracted to the other, and we did become great friends. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend attended the college in the next town, and Andi, my friend with the car, used to drop me off so i could spend some time with her.

I didnít think Andi was ďmy typeĒ, but there actually was this moment when we were on our way back from a racquetball class (part of our rigorous academic schedule) and i looked over and thought, ďi should date Andi.Ē It took a while to wear down her defenses, but she eventually relented.


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