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More than you ever wanted to know about andi and i

Here are some of the details of the fast-paced rock-n-roll lives that make up the andi and i experience. If you’re a promoter or venue looking for a promotional bio, click here. If you’re curious and have too much free time on your hands, read on.

andi and i is a husband and wife acoustic singer-songwriter duo from Chicago. We play in coffeehouses, bars, churches, festivals, gas stations, and alleys all over the Midwest – pretty much wherever we can get paid, and a few places we can’t. (Ask us about a particular venue in Houston, Texas.) Our music has been described as powerful, subtle, tight, facile . . . if you’ve already heard us, you know about the harmonies, Al’s story-focused writing, Andi’s “whisper-to-roar” vocals, the intricacies of voice and guitar, and the throwing of oatmeal creme pies. But you might not know about us – Al and Andi, the people, and how we got to what we are today.

Just a sec . . . allow us to get comfy on the couch. Feel free to take notes from behind us, ask questions, whatever.

We’ll break this down into smaller, USA Today-sized chunks. Click on a link for:

Andi’s pre-Al days
Al’s pre-Andi days
They meet (just like in Pac-Man!)
Early music together
andi and i days
Life today

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