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So, who really wears the pants in the family?
Sydney. Theyíre funny pants, but she wears them.

Do you have children?
We have Syd, but no human children. We are close to several kids in our church, and treasure those relationships.

Do you have any marketable skills? Or are you just musicians?
Why, yes, we have marketable skills! Andi types (she was once tested at 90 wpm) and Al can use power tools.

When is your next CD due out?
Weíre not sure. We might be recording during the summer of 2005.

Seriously, who wears the pants in the family?
Okay, okay. It depends on which room weíre in. If itís the kitchen or dining room, Andi does. In the bathroom, itís Andi, whereas if itís the living room or bedroom, itís Andi.

Who are your favorite authors?
Andi: John Irving is way up there . . . and iíve liked the Charles Todd mysteries, too. Ray Bradbury is a favorite for his short stories.
Al: We read a lot of the same books, especially Charles Dickens, Dorothy Sayers, and a handful of science fiction authors like Bradbury, Dan Simmons, and Orson Scott Card. Terry Pratchettís a lot of fun.

Does Al deliberately try to look like Jesus?
Yes, but sparingly. He tries to use his powers for good. And itís either Jesus or Satan. Or Marilyn Manson.

Okay, really now. Who wears the pants in the family?
Andi: Tell them, Al.
Al: She does. No, i do. Ow, stop it! No, wait Ė she does!


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Alís pre-Andi days
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Early music together
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