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Early music together

We’ve been playing music together for over 15 years now. Our earliest musical experiences together came in an, um, interesting band we played in while at Illinois Wesleyan University. There are stories, pictures, and even a few videos of Andi and Al during those days, but you will likely never see them unless they are stolen and show up on e-bay.

On our honeymoon we learned the first songs that would later turn up in the andi and i repertoire. Both were Charlie Peacock songs from his “West Coast Diaries Vol. II” album (then available only on cassette): “Nobody’s Gonna Bring Me Down” and “Way of Love,” which has gotten a lot of mileage in the weddings we’ve done through the years.

Two weeks after our wedding, we went to Amsterdam to join a group called Youth With A Mission (YWAM – pronounced WHY-wham by those on the “inside,” as opposed to why-WHAM, which implies questions about George Michael’s early work) on their Musicians Summer of Service (MSOS – for some reason no one tried to pronounce that one). We traveled around the Netherlands, England, Germany, and Austria in a big blue panel truck with the name “Diks” on the side, playing mostly cover tunes in a band brought together from the US, Germany, and Switzerland.


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Early music together
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