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Al’s Pre-Andi Days

I had my first paying gig when i was three. My grandma would take me to work with when we visited, and the other ladies in her carpool would give me quarters if i’d sing them a song. I don’t remember what i sang, quite possibly something by the Jackson 5—they were the hippest thing happening in my little world.

I took up guitar in junior high, primarily as a way to get chicks. That never really worked out the way i thought it would, but the instrument (it was electric guitar only then) did give me an outlet for my pent-up teen-boy angst. I’d turn my little Peavey Backstage up to “Ear Bleed” and work out to folk masters like the Scorpions, Van Halen, and Zeppelin. The boys and i would get our little basement band together (we never made it up to garage status) and rehearse like we would some day play a gig.

But there comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes that schlepping several hundred pounds of gear everywhere he goes is not “play,” so i took up acoustic guitar out of sheer laziness. Then i realized that this acoustic thing could work, not only because it meant that my only outboard gear was a tuner, but because i could do gigs without a whole band AND KEEP ALL THE MONEY. All i needed was a singer gullible enough to work without getting paid. And so the search began . . .

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Andi’s pre-Al days

Al’s pre-Andi days

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